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Legal hemp seed product compliant with,
> The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

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Thirst Trap
Sherbet Creamsicle x Icebox Pie

Flower TIme : 8-9 weeks
Indica Dominant 30/60

Sherbet Creamsicle is certainly one of the sweetest and gentlest strains you’ll ever encounter. That being said, her potency numbers are typically in the high teens. We respect and honor her for it, but some customers wanted things to be kicked up a notch. When combined with the formidable, resin-rich Icebox Pie, this cross packs a modern, mid-twenties punch that amplifies the sugar-sweet symphony of the Sherb Cream. Phenotypes stay in 2 main groups mirroring the parent lines; some grow into mid-to-tall plants bearing giant colas with a Sherbet-dominated scent, while others yield more resinous rail buds on slightly taller plants, exuding a gassy aroma. Our favorite hybrid? One that combines gassy fruit terpene profiles with silver lime buds, all sprouting from incredibly strong, upright stems. As for the user experience, expect a friendly, grounded high that lingers, offering a long-lasting, comfortable vibe.

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