Genetics sales policy

By purchasing genetics such as “SEEDS” and or “PLANT PROPAGATIONS” from our website “WWW.MONEYTREEGENETICS.COM” you “THE BUYER” agrees to our sales policy with the following agreed terms.

  1. All sales are final, we do offer support for defective genetics and work with our customers to resolve any issues. If we determine that a purchased item is defective we will issue an exact replacement given the item is still in stock or a store credit for the original value of the defective item.

  2. We do not accept returns of seeds or plants. In an effort to maintain a strict code of cleanliness for our seed storage and plant orders we do not take in returns. Before checking out of our online store and completing your purchase please double check the details to confirm the proper items were selected as exchanges or returns will not be accepted.

  3. By purchasing seeds and or plants from our website you confirm the purchase is inline with the 2018/2023 HEMP FARM BILL which defines any seed or plant that contains less than the .03% Delta 9 THC is a federally legal agricultural product and will be used in a legal manner.

  4. By purchasing seeds and or plants you agree no claims have been made by us “MONEYTREE GENETICS LLC” or the individual brands of genetics to cure and or treat any medical conditions and have not been evaluated by the FDA.

  5. By purchasing genetics of any type from our website you “THE BUYER” agree to release us “MONEYTREE GENETICS LLC” from any liability.

  6. By completing a purchase / transaction for genetics using our website you agree that you have read the entire “GENETICS SALES POLICY” and agree to all the terms listed above.