B2B Wholesale

We provide product lines to licensed businesses and resellers such as hydroponic supply stores, grow shops and high volume cultivation centers. Our service area includes Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan.

Products listed below are available with minimum order quantities, please contact us any time to request a copy of dealer pricing or for any general questions we may help you with.

Cultivation equipment

Bulk supplements

Find N Flouris​h 


  • Explosive Root Growth
  • Organic Nitrogen Boost
  • Increases Yields 
  • Enriches Terpene Profiles 
  • Phosphorus Boost in Bloom
  • Increases Trichrome Density in Cannabis 
  • Prevents Root Rot 
  • Aids in pH stabilization 
  • Converts dead root debris into food 
  • Highly​ Concentrated & Water Soluble

Soil & Soilless 2 Tsp/Gallon pH 6.0 – 7.0

Hydroponics 1 Tsp/Gallon each reservoir refresh 

Seed Germination Promoter 2 Tsp/Gallon for soak

Compost Tea Enhancer 2 Tsp/Gallon initial inoculation




This breakthrough formula will put an end to your fungus gnats for good!   Lad​yLar​v™ destroys fungus gnat larvae before they can transform into their flying state. Root aphids & mosquitos will also be eliminated at the larvae stage!  In addition, this powder also works as a BLOOM BOOSTER!   This formula increases root growth while building cellulose for your plants.  Lets start mitigating plant stress and increasing crop yields!  LadyLarv™ contains protein amino acids and can be u​sed on all crops.  This is a highly concentrated water soluble powder that dissolves almost instantly and is safe for all irrigation applications.

Preventative Application:​

Use 1 teaspoon per gallon once a week.  

Infestation Application:

Use 1 teaspoon per gallon every watering for one week.  Then revert back to preventative application.