Feminizing cannabis plants with FEM MAGIC

Making feminized cannabis seeds is pretty simple, to make feminized cannabis seeds all you need is a distilled water colloidal silver solution.

Colloidal silver acts as an ethylene antagonist or inhibitor on your cannabis plant. Ethylene is one of a few known plant hormones and it plays a major role in determining if a plant is to be male or female. High levels of ethylene will push a plant to be female. Inhibiting ethylene in the plant will conversely push a plant to be male.

Option 1: Inbreeding

Inbreeding is nothing more than crossing a group, family, or variety of plants within themselves with no additions of genetic material from an outside or unrelated population. The most severe form of inbreeding is the self-cross, in which only one individuals genetic material forms the basis of subsequent generations. 1:1 hybrid populations are only slightly less narrow, derived from the genetic material of 2 individuals.

Process: You begin by spraying the leaves and branch nodes of a known female plant ideally a day or 2 before changing to a 12/12 light cycle. Mist the plant every day for 10 days. About 10 days later those branches will start forming male flowers. Eventually you will be able to collect and use that pollen to pollinate the female flowers of other plants which will then produce your feminized seeds.

Option 2: Selfing

Selfing is the process of creating seed by fertilizing a plant with pollen obtained from itself. The result of a self-cross is a population of plants that derive from a single individual. The first generation population derived from selfing an individual is called the S1 population. If an individual is chosen from the S1, and again selfed, the resulting population is denoted the S2 generation. Subsequent generations derived in the same manner are denoted S3, S4, etc.

Process: After the plant has already started flowering (around week 3) you can mist the entire plant including leaves and flowers every day for 10 days and then stop. About 10 days later male flowers will form mixed in with the female flowers and the plant will pollinate itself and produce female seeds.

Storage and notes:

You can store collected pollen in the freezer for later use. Make sure the collected pollen is clean of any plant debris and store in an airtight container. Properly prepared and stored pollen will remain viable for several months when stored at 32°-20°F/0°-7° C.

One thing to note is that the colloidal silver solution can create a messy over-spray residue so avoid spraying plants in an area that you care about. Always move plants to a bath tub, shower stall or an area that you don’t care about when spraying. If using a bath tub or shower stall you will want to bleach the affected areas to remove the over-spray residue.

Seeds take about 4-6 weeks to fully develop after pollination occurs. Feed plants a well rounded fertilizer when seed production is the primary goal. Discard sprayed plants after harvesting your seeds and always avoid consuming any material from treated plants.