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Legal hemp seed product compliant with,
> The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

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Beach Bum x Icebox Pie

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks
Indica Dominant 20/80

The Beach Bum has always been close to our hearts for its uber-frosty appearance, delicately robust aroma, and unmatched beach-chair high. But truth be told, its yield could use a little boost. So, we decided to cross it with our trusted steed, the IBP, with the aim to enhance its bounty. And voila, it worked wonders! Our Sand Box plants are now taller, incredibly sturdy, with extended internodes and super frosty lime-green buds. These buds weave together the gassy pleasure of the IBP with the subtle rotten fruit undertones of the Beach Bum. The user experiences of both parent strains meld beautifully, with the Bum setting you gently in the chair and the Pie making sure you stay there. Excellent sedative with increased yields.

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