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> The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

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Head Knock
Covid 40 x Early Orange

Flower Time: 7-8 weeks
Indica Dominant 30/70

Very strong Ganja! This potent strain boasts a wickedly tantalizing blend of spicy skunk and citrus flavors that will tease your senses in an audacious, somewhat mischievous dance. The plant itself stands with a robust, sturdy demeanor, its height more on the petite side, showcasing its proud Indica heritage. As it struts into its late bloom phase, you’ll witness a spectacle of autumn hues adorning these tight, golf ball-sized buds. Adding to its unique charm, a one-of-a-kind sandy resin coat shimmers over each bud like a star-studded evening. Embrace this sensational spectacle and let it lead you into a world of delightful indulgence!

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