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Legal hemp seed product compliant with,
> The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

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A la mode
Scoops of Chem x Icebox Pie

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks
Indica Dominant 10/90

These women are robust, thick, and stunning. A genuine feast for the eyes. These beauties offer a hint of sweetness enveloped in a cornucopia of funk bursting forth from their flowers. The Scoops of Chem, cherished for its unique sweet-and-sour blend of Sherbet and Chem, has long been a favorite despite its bushy, shorter stature not being everyone’s cup of tea. To enhance rapid veg growth, we played matchmaker and crossed it with the ever-dependable IBP. The outcome? Eye-catching lime buds of staggering beauty, laden with enormous resin rails and sporting buds that are a breeze to trim. The buds are large and dense, so a word of caution for high humidity environments. The herb itself delivers a soothing, potent high and, as you can expect with our FreeWorld strains, it promises a long-lasting experience. Buy the ticket, take the ride:)

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