Biopharm Fem Magic Seed Feminizer

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Biopharm’s Fem Magic is used to feminize cannabis plants with a 99% accuracy of producing mature female seeds. This is a 2 part kit. You will have to mix the 2 parts when your plant is ready. This ensures that the product you receive is the most reliable. You will receive a simple ‘how to’ sheet to support your feminization process.


  • WHY USE BIOPHARM’S FEM MAGIC: By using Biopharm’s Fem Magic, you have a chance to produce female seeds with 99% accuracy of your favorite strain. This is made in an American Lab with American customer service. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and we are happy to resolve any issues you may have.
  • HOW TO APPLY: Choose a plant that has not started flowering and is at least 2 weeks in the vegetative cycle. Spray one entire plant (not foliage), 1 time a day for 14 days. Before the pollen sacs open, put a collection device under the feminized plant to catch the falling pollen. Use this pollen to dust another plant in flowering mode. (Alternate method: Put a fan near the feminized plant and place a non-feminized plant nearby so the pollen can transfer to the plant.)
  • PRESERVATION: Biopharm’s Fem Magic allows you to preserve your favorite strain of the sacred plant. This allows you to save tons of money by not buying female seeds from the big growers.
  • FEMINIZED SEEDS 99%: Biopharm’s Fem Magic is the most reliable method for producing feminized seeds of dioecious plants. One kit is all you need to feminize an entire plant to produce female pollen. When the pollen from your feminized plant is transferred to the flowers of your non-feminized plant, it will produce female seeds with 99% accuracy. Take the guess work out of it!


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