Cloned cannabis genetics

Clones may be ordered in store seven days a week, orders arrive on Wednesdays and Fridays for pick up, a three plant minimum is required to place an order, orderable strains can be found in the menu below.

We stock one strain per week to keep on hand, no minimum is required and are available first come first serve. The clone of the week may be seen in the menu below.

We’re happy to announce that our supply chain is now up and running offering live cloned genetics from various breeder lines.

All live genetics offered are cultivated in licensed facilities meeting all guidelines, all live genetics are tested for disease and pathogens ensuring healthy livestock and are accompanied with COA’S that we keep on file tied to a batch number for a period of time.

Bulk commercial solutions for licensed facilities

High volume top quality genetics for large scale cultivators is our specialty, We provide a wide array of solutions to minimize overhead and maximize output results.

Our team can custom tailor specific needs and schedules to coincide with harvests and crop rotations and even source one off genetic strains exclusively for your licensed brand.

Gain increased retail sales at dispensaries with proven genetics that consumers prefer, improve customer loyalty with highly recognized lines of genetics.

Contact us any time to receive a quote or to discuss a more detailed solution for your cultivation center or dispensary.

Our live cannabis genetic strains and breeders reference list

We offer many of the top breeders genetics from around the world and continue to add more cultivators over time. Below is for reference as to live cloned genetics we have access to, inventory is constantly changing through the year and may or may not be available. The menu at the top of this page is current for available clone purchases and orders.

Live clone genetics strains

All Gas OG, Bigfoot Glue, Blueberry Muffin, Collie Man Kush, Don Carlos 2, Freakshow, Gazzurple, Gorilla Glue, Grass Valley Girl, Hi-Biscus, Hot Chocolate, Humboldt’s Holy Weed, Lemon Cake, Mountain Top Mint, Pistachio, Poddy Mouth, Purple Mountain Majesty, Stoopid Fruits, Stoopid Fruits 2, Trainwreck, Vanilla Frosting, Vanilla Frosting OG, Wedding Cake, C99 Pineapple, Durban Thai x Jack Herer, Princess Haze, Rosetta Stone, Baked Cookies, Forbidden Cheetah Piss, Gary Payton, Apples and Bananas, Caramel Apple, Chem Reserve, Doc OG, DCL Kush, Gasonade, Gelato, Gelinade, Runtz, Runtz 2, Super Runtz, White Runtz, Holy Grail, Red Velvet, Hot Cross Buns, Pancake, Ice Cream Cake, Kush Mints, Pre 98 Bubba Kush, San Fernando Valley OG, Larry Bird Breath, Mac2, Macaroon, McBling, Mothers Milk, Oreoz

Original breeders of cloned genetics we offer

Humboldt Seed Company, Brothers Grimm, Cookies Cross, Compound Genetics, Aficionado, Rare Dankness, Doctors Choice, Rooted Zen, Mr. Sherbinski, HendRx Nursery, Los Angeles Growers, DNA Genetics, Grandiflora Genetics, Cookies & Seed Junkie, Seed Junky, Cali Connection, Thug Pug, Capulator, T.H.Seeds, HSC Cross, Bodhi Seeds, 3rd Coast Genetics

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