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47 Cream Cannabis clones by Green Luster Phenos

Green Luster Phenos

“Cream 47” (Oreoz x AK-47)


Cream 47 was developed by using a very unique cut of AK-47 which was selected and picked from Durango, Mexico. Our AK-47 was pollinated by our prize Oreoz tissue which was hunted out of a batch of 94 plants grown from regular seed. This is a highly stabilized line that was bred for its trichome production and bud structure. Cream 47 finishes flowering in 60 – 64 days with little defoliation needed through flower. This line has tested at 36% total cannabinoids. We bred in a strong resistance towards thrips, aphids & fungus gnats. The aromas on these buds smell of freshly baked cookies with an earthy twist that leave the user feeling uplifted & motivated!

Available at MoneyTree Genetics Seed Bank Chicago

4017 w Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL 60641

Directly across from @chicagoroots

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